6 Easy Tips to Reduce Carbon Foot Print

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

When you’re taking out the trash, do you stop to think about how much waste your household is actually producing?

“We have to wake up to the fierce urgency of the now.”-Jim Yong Kim on Climate Change

-Every year, Americans reportedly throw away 100 billion plastic grocery bags!!

6 Easy Steps to take to Reduce your Carbon Foot Print

  • Check your tires and keep them pumped. Low tire pressure causes worse fuel efficiency, therefore more emissions.

  • Get your car serviced when you are supposed to. See that ‘Check Engine’ light? Go get it checked.

  • Cut it out with all the A/C. While a cool breeze is nice, you can chill out on blasting it so regularly. It takes fuel to cool.

  • Stop pumping the pedals so much. Braking and gasing reduces the efficiency of your ride. No need to stop and start like you’re racing.

  • Cruise control is your friend. Let the robot brain of your car take on the task of keeping you at just over the speed limit (we see you), and you’ll save gas on those longer trips.

  • Reusable Grocery Bags. Get into the routine of leaving reusable bags in your car, so when you head to the grocery store you can proudly use your bags instead of plastic!

ALSO..... Let's also mention

Eat locally and seasonally

What you eat matters not only to your body but to the environment around that body. By buying food that is sourced close by, it takes less to travel and make it to your plate.  

These food-miles are important to reducing your carbon footprint, but contribute way more in the way of supporting your local economy.

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